unwritten, still


iron sky and frozen breath

the pall-grey feathered blanket

Self-doubt casts over grassgreen newness

and fragments of me whisper

colored thoughts

to the sighing cobwebbed cortex,

laugh mercilessly

as I fumble for Reason

and crow

What now?

what except sit in this corner

and write misfit words

on the back of a page,

abandon all your pretend worlds,

pretexts and swallow,


One thought on “unwritten, still

  1. It seems that no matter where I go on your blog, I find great poetry.

    Are you published?


    your words are so kind! and it’s funny you should ask about being published: i’m actually in the process of doing my first full-length book, which will be sent to press hopefully within the week! there’ll be a link up here on the site with more info soon. as you can imagine, i’m pretty psyched 🙂

    thanks, as always, for your thoughts and for stopping by..



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