nymph I was (ondine’s blessing)

open your eyes and forget

clink of disorganized pennies

I know I was here before

know I’ve seen this sunshine over summer-grass,

(it’s still winter)

but won’t be forever

this windowpane overlooking

paint-peeled railings

which really should have been sanded first

and, god, that wind

where’s my jacket?

(in the car)

see how they’re all ordered,

the nickels and the dimes?

so they don’t roll all around, you see

a glass of wine, please;

where are your pills?

what pills?

there, they must be in your purse

unhook gold-gleaming clasp:

see all my change?

the boys have been into this, I know it

just wait till I get home

those boys upstairs,

and now the oldest’s got a girl,

and they stay up there for hours…

aren’t they married?


yes, in the church, yes

(the pills?…)


look, there, all the pennies lined up

god, it’s cold.

another glass please

aren’t we going?

swear I’ve seen this place before

near the water, aren’t we?
seen this sun falling

on these same summer blades

as the wind momentarily ceases

close eyes and feel warmth

behind eyelids

without remembering once
aren’t we going?


home, sleep,


I sleep long.


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