the conquest

Sitting splay-legged

on a dark pavement

still warm from the day’s exertion,

she draws an invisible sword

from the tight inner pocket of her jeans,

tips back her head and

laughs, close-eyed;

this, all re-covered ground

and still echoing with the footfalls

of dragon-drawn chariots;

she has long since

learned the danger

of thinking twice.

Music plays softly overhead,


impersonal and plastic,

soaked up by new brick and sponged

inexpertly into the pores of her bare feet.

One by one worlds pass by:

parents with children, couples in love,

impregnable youths.

They glance and turn,

watching without seeing;


Her mind, a thousand miles away,

kicking the shins of impossibility

with those calloused feet,

unwinding threads through a maze

and gazing skyward,

always skyward.

9 thoughts on “the conquest

  1. Excellent. Believe me I read a lot of poetry on a daily basis (apart from blogging, I admin a very busy Poetry Group/site and am member of several others)… Your turn of phrase general handling of figurative language/trope is advanced and a delight to read. I love Greek Myth and this poem appeals to me very much. Perhaps could’ve used a line break or two, but probably that’s just me…


    Warmest Salad


  2. Jingle, you are too kind. one of the coolest things about the Potluck is being able to trot out and dust off old poems that you haven’t thought about in months or even years. Thanks.

    Victoria, ‘preciate your dropping in.

    Luke– eh, line breaks are over-rated. 🙂 glad you liked this piece. it was one of several early poems from this site whose revised versions made it into my first book, and the phrase “kicking the shins of impossibility” was even one of the section headings.

  3. Hope to see you next Monday…..

    you are a poet with full integrity and outstanding versions…
    love your participation on both of my Rally…

    visit poets from our list any time,
    sign in to follow our poetry blog if you can…

    Happy Friday.
    I love your positive attitude.


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