last night the sky lost
its normal shade of midnight,
shone a deep purple
in the orange-ish glare of
the streetlamps
as we walked through
late august
to the attentiveness of early fall,

me clinging to your hand in
desperate denial of
what eternity, for one
blind instant, might
just mean.

6 thoughts on “abstruse

  1. This poem is beautiful in its simplicity. There is a balance between the strength of the images and desires of the speaker. Its really lovely.

    –thanks; glad you liked it. jsl

  2. Interestingly cryptic, there were some nice poetic tones in this piece. Like the intimiation of something really good, yet not quite reached.

    I do love the connection you made to night and Autumn and to the meaning of time and love…bravo!

    thanks for your thoughts…for me, it’s the juxtaposition of the immediate and the eternal that gives it that feel… appropriate for an end-of-summer piece, i think


  3. what a beautiful poem. I love the picture as well; it’s like a picture taken from a dream. There is something about your poems and pictures, something dream-like, elusive and surreal…


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