intrigued but
uncertain a drugged heart
paces in my stomach,
makes me nauseous in the speed
with which it moves
up my throat,
catching the indrawn air and
hanging weightless,
reminds me of the fragile
shattered exchanges
of breath that came before,
leaving me lightheaded and doubtful
that they ever came before at all.

4 thoughts on “alive

  1. these moments we question if they are real
    does it matter considering how we feel?

    no, i suppose not 😉 ;it does give me my own little satisfaction to pin down a moment with words, tho, hold the feeling in place. love the rhyme.

  2. wow. so great. i really like your poetry. i’ve been perusing your blog and it’s great stuff. thanks for sharing it.

  3. I like the impact of each line in this poem (in fact, in several of your poems that I’ve read, posted October-November). I find the consistency and harmony in your word choice impressive, which makes me look forward to more of your poetry. Cheers.


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