expiation in flame

a season’s sublimated energy
blushes in the embers, rises
to kiss chastely
an indigo sky; rebuked
by a breath of cold night she
returns sullenly to earth,
glowering out briefly
at the darkness,

autumn’s air but ashes in her mouth.

5 thoughts on “expiation in flame

  1. Wow, that’s quite a bit packed into a few lines. Loved the title, though I’ll admit I had to look up ‘expiated.’ Very cool the method you chose to personify the changing seasons. The image you evoke in the final five lines is amazing; you express rejection beautifully when you wrote “she returns sullenly to earth” and “glowering out briefly.” The poem captures that peculiar mixture sadness and anger that comprises regret. Very much enjoyed reading this, glad you posted it via Poetry Potluck.



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