portrait in monochrome

statuehalf-frozen from
not ever having been loved
enough, soothing oiled
condolences over cracks deep in
my skin from things that never
happened years ago i
am chained to insecurity like a leashed wolf,
putting up storefronts every day for the patina
of seeing the thing through, the morsel
of salt and stardust i
pinch myself with
on the days i can get up
and look in the mirror.

4 thoughts on “portrait in monochrome

  1. I do apologize for commenting again and shall not make it a habit. With that being offered, I must tell you that this piece really moved me. Perhaps it twas the pensive aura.


    • please, don’t apologize for commenting! im always happy to get feedback, positive or negative, to hear what works and what doesn’t. glad this struck a chord.

      thanks for dropping by; you’re welcome back any time. 🙂


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