difference of opinion

it’s been said
in more languages than i
can speak fluidly
that i am not quite…
that i drown
in the things
others drink to
forget about
but if
they had seen
unstigmatized the light
in these eyes they
might think differently if
they had read the
hurt between my lines i
wouldn’t have had to
spell it out
in broken glass if
they had listened
when i said i
think i’m dying there’d
have been no need
to call the paramedics but
me i don’t think
feeling is a thing
to be floodwalled
think “they”
is just an ugly

5 thoughts on “difference of opinion

  1. Hi, This is kind of like sending you a chain letter (sorry). I was given a blogging award and have to pass it on. I’m supposed to send to three people, but so far I just thought of you. Go to my web site
    pick up the image of the Spotlight Award
    post it here and notify three people in their blog comments that they are your choices. You know what to do.
    I chose you for your poems and photos, a great artistic combination.

    • hmm. i’ll try to get a little more on top of the ball–wouldn’t want my lapses in inspiration to contribute to your dental decline, not in addition to the coffee and cigs which i am sure are already taking their toll… 😉


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