future perfect, subjunctive

i stand alone on the edge of
disaster and skip
pebbles.  just might have been
thought perhaps
i had a soul

mate, but i
am not who i
used to be, not yet
halfway there

jumping lightly over
the rocks at low tide i
can’t help
thinking that by
tomorrow there might be
nothing left except
ether and flame.

7 thoughts on “future perfect, subjunctive

  1. Hello again,
    I really liked this piece. The foreboding hangs heavy in the air and yet there’s contingencies.
    Nicely written.

    pax vobiscum,

  2. a lovely poem, skillful line breaks that heighten the feeling of tension. You have a light and deft touch with your words and lines, very well crafted.
    I read this and see the future half full, not half empty


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