metaphor for the middle of May

although near sunset i walk
the same barefoot circles
round the same gravel despair,
morning finds me
prying last autumn’s leaf fall
from the damp spring earth,
letting the soil breathe a
chance for the emergence of
new green.

7 thoughts on “metaphor for the middle of May

  1. I opened your site and beheld the oh-so-beautiful photo — it has an ‘around-me’ feel, rather than ‘above.’ It makes me breathe, as you let the ground breathe in your poem. 🙂

    • thanks, S.L. it was kind of a plunge to step out and use a photoblog theme, but i’m ultimately very happy with the result. glad you like it.


    • indeed. don’t know why ozy, but your comments out of everyone’s keep getting kicked to the spam bucket. do you have some deep ulterior motive to sell me insurance or enlarge my penis?? lol



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