July landscape, mid-Virginia

train whistles its late-afternoon
warning over the banks, shooing
herons from their nests, dockworkers
from their reveries; downstream
an earthbound descendant of
graffitied cement and rusty idealism
derives the ebb of the river’s summered
bottom with circles formulated
around the circumference
of heaven and lines drawn
up by hell’s indifference:
equations like battlescars written
not in flesh and blood but in
currents and railroad tracks and cut
deep in post-modern

17 thoughts on “July landscape, mid-Virginia

  1. Woww… what a vivid picture!
    Such starkly contrasting scenes, yet seemingly conveying a similar meaning…
    Your wordplay was excellent here!!!
    And the image you’ve put up is veeeeery apt too…

  2. Thanks for your comments, Bill; sound and rhythm were a big part of this one. Nice to hear from you!

    Hi Kavita! I’m glad you liked the image–I had my doubts about it at first, wondered whether the perspective was too strange, so thanks for the reaffirmation! 🙂

    Gracias, Ray. nice to see you around. natural versus manmade has been something of a theme around here lately… 😉


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