a beginning sort of day

crawled out of this morning;
i was blowing the dead leaves
from its still downy hair
when two new twinned
lives grinning arrived
in the backseat of
Somebody’s dreamcatcher
and with fingers like
examined every
strand of me; i carried them
like pistols on each hip,
aimed at the world and all
the cries of its

14 thoughts on “a beginning sort of day

  1. The visual and sound references work extremely well, along with a collective tactile sense when from the actions. Not a wasted word with a regenerative feel and theme; fitting for spring.

  2. Forgive me all for the late response to your kind comments– poem-a-day work plus wedding this weekend plus multiple reading events this month makes me a little behind– and a little crazy.

    Dustus, “regenerative” was definitely what I was going for. Thanks.

    pete, Carl– always a pleasure. Appreciate your kind words.

    brian, “wicked”– nice. thanks. πŸ™‚

    Jannie– wow, glad you liked it– I definitely agonized over that line in particular πŸ™‚

    M.A.S., painting with words– it’s what we do, right? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by.

    *off to write some more*
    Happy April everybody!


  3. Susanna, i read this the day you posted it … still intrigued by “the backseat of
    Somebody’s dreamcatcher”, especially the cap’ed S … i suppose, a perfect place for two new twinned lives … *grin*

    as always, slightly obscure yet fully accessible language and now a familiar voice … beautiful seasonal imagery, yes.

    i hope spring finds you well …


  4. Wonderful. I love it. Skillful and emotive. I especially am impressed by the way you graft together literal and figurative meanings in a single turn of phrase. You are very good at this.


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