winds with
fingers dipped
in newsprint and nerve-
endings massage
sunlight into
skin and cortex, injecting
overdrive analgesic
with an 18-gauge
straight through
to the core of
my soul,
a morphine drip
of wireless silence
me with the
feel of
a spring
blissful nothings
unplugged from
the lower back
of a world
on its edge.

17 thoughts on “anaesthesia

  1. They held her down
    Moaning then screaming
    She wanted out
    But no Saviors arrived
    She begged for mercy
    She cussed the world
    For its meanness
    She hated the smells
    And the bright lights
    And feeling abandoned

    Waves of despair
    Washed over her
    “I don’t want to be here”
    “This is too much”
    “Let me go…please”
    Then another wave hit
    To crush the tin can
    Of her soul

    A white clad woman
    Stepped forward
    To hold her hand
    And said,
    “Push now, push”

    On the edge of pain
    The world renews itself.

  2. i would be happy
    in a world of dogwoods
    especially in the Spring
    i love the way
    the flowers offer themselves
    swelling and laying open
    to the teasing sun
    breathily panting
    “yes, yes, yes”
    like a virgin
    surrendering her labia
    to passion

    • Tiger,

      I don’t know where to begin to say how blessed I feel for your sharing your thoughts here. The first piece had me in agony until the end, when I saw the whole in its encompassing perspective. And the second, well, …that was an entirely different form of agony, if you know what I mean… ;). Thanks for sharing, my friend; your words are a gift as always.


  3. Thanks, everyone, for all the kind comments (so far!) This was one of the little April poem-a-days that I went back and gave a little more thought to. (I didn’t make it through the whole month, by the way– sadly only about half way through :()

    brian, Kim– I’m glad it came through as a little bit of both–the pain and the spring relief. Kinda what I’ve been feeling after a couple intense weeks of organizing events and simultaneously searching for creative energy to write!

    Claudia– Thanks for stopping by– it’s always a pleasure to hear kind words from a poet such as yourself!

    jenne– πŸ˜‰ they can indeed creatively inspire, or so i’m told… . Glad you liked.

    Cindy, Anthony– Happy the visual imagery came through. Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚


  4. You seem to have a special bond with words and expressions. At first strange the read looks like, but then when I read it second time there’s beauty, even in those vagabond winds!


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