in heat

stroke-handed. velvet.
to fall in love,

lamplight drownings;
yellow fever dances.
proto-summer paints
sweat pearls down pinked
fore-heads, nascent
a River District swimming in
haze, dreaming in Decembers.
August-heavy; lethargic
swarm. enchantment.

nights with no fire-
works, only stars.

23 thoughts on “in heat

    • always happy to receive the gift of one of your comment-poems. 🙂 not a big red-meat eater, but longing to see the places you describe nonetheless.

      best always, my friend.

  1. wow – super cool pic and the heat in your words..loved it – great imagery and very effectively placed line breaks esp. in the last two lines..yellow fever dances…nice..

  2. Artful and lithe words, describing both feeling and time, the inside and outside. Enjoyed this all, but esp. the central verse beginning “…lamplight drownings;
    yellow fever dances…” with a fine close.

  3. Great images. What was a wispy dream of December can become a heavy reality in August.

    And interesting that this is the second “sticky” love poem I’ve read this week.

  4. Funny how we want the cold
    Stating it all bold
    Except when we get it we want the heat
    As the cold it can beat
    Never satisfy most of us
    As most need to fuss
    I enjoyed the thoughts this brought
    Glad your write I caught

  5. Oh geez I’d forgotten how good a poet you are. I really should visit more often.

    ‘To fall in love, stickily’ really stood out.. also love this –

    incandescence. >two wonderful words… aren’t the ‘sc’ words great? I’ve had a passion for them ever since childhood (sssh)

    Great piece, Joanna


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