Dark clouds march across blue skies
like battle lines drawn in damp cotton.

a quiet frenzy in other azure
as surgeons sort glass
shards from bleeding veins,
debride the dirt
from twitching muscle and
sew a soldier

Someone had sadly forgotten to tell him
the war was winding down.

21 thoughts on “Kandahar

  1. The sin is the war to begin with, and head held high, he allows himself to be sewn together. MY! A potent write that far from relies upon un reachable language, but rather delivers it’s cutting point with simplicity and power. Well wrote, poet!

  2. snap…surgeons sort glass shards from bleeding veins and sewing that soldier together again…wasn’t expecting such a poem with the peaceful clouds pic…great how you spun this with a last line that resonates and leaves room for thinking further

  3. ..who would think that below a peaceful clouds are scenes of chaotic clash… a barbaric world indeed… i like this.. for some reasons i felt familiar with your title though i can’t remember when actually i first read it…hmmmn..

  4. My first reaction to this piece was sadness. The second was anger, that while men still fight the innocent are permanently broken, like this poor soldier. There will always be such grief in this world and it breaks a mother’s heart…

  5. In places like Kandahar there will probably always be a war going on, down on the ground or up in the blue skies … and how sad there are always the innocent to suffer from, the soldiers who supposedly went to fight fro their country …


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