rain story

drops blink past,
of an early fall; she–
damp smile
for the sky
to lighten.

dipped calves
cross rain-stained
brick bareheaded and
at a run, the road
anything but

an umbrella
in the glove box,
just in case she (re-)

31 thoughts on “rain story

  1. Lovely. Part III gave me a delicious sense of painful anticipation. I’m left wondering where she went on the “road anything but yellow” and why he waits.

  2. i like “drops blink past,” and the way you’ve captured the beautiful image of rain-wet bricks “anything but yellow.” and the way he waits with his umbrella – for her…

  3. appreciate everyone’s kind & thoughtful comments. so sorry for the belatedness of the replies– it’s been a hectic coupla days here, but, really, thank you to everyone for stopping by and sharing your insights. so nice to feel that one isn’t writing into a void… 😉

    peace and love to you all,

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