post-modern urban landscape, no.1

chromed skies tie
summer’s bedraggled
kitestrings to the end of
a brief September.
Below on the corner,
yet another dark-
dressed unkempt
with cardboard
calling card:
Gooseflesh takes
more heat to burn.
Calories, I mean:
it’s getting cold.
Everyone you know
a paycheck away
from the next street over,
and the days
only getting shorter.
How will he eat
with so many

20 thoughts on “post-modern urban landscape, no.1

  1. Red, White and Black and Blue

    Land of the Free and Home of the brave
    We stand on the coffin of the American Dream
    Waving flags and shouting epithets
    Slapping ourselves on the backs
    Of empty bank accounts and empty promises
    But all is good and Football season has come
    We don’t pay attention to hungry people on corners
    When Fox presents us with dynamic 3D graphics
    Of young buck gladiators(mostly black) “getting it done”
    No, we yell and scream with joy and slightly concealed
    Blood Lust—How many wars is it now?
    Who cares? We are the world’s policeman
    And we carry a big expensive stick
    And we’re bringing freedom to rag head neighborhoods
    Whether they like it or not–“Light ’em up, they say”
    But you really don’t want to know what that means
    There is nothing left of a body after 50 caliber bullets
    “Making Killers out of Today’s Youth” Sign up now!
    See the world, but forget the Mofo sitting on the corner
    He could be a veteran who lost his mind
    Trying to understand you can’t kill for peace.

  2. everyone you know is a paycheck away from the next street over…aint that the truth thesedays…it is getting cold and good to remember those neighbors that need a little assist…

  3. Definitely truth in your words for the times we live in. I wish I could say it will change, but I think it might get worse before it gets better. My hope is that we will truly be a community for one another as we all need help in some way at some time in our lives.

  4. Heart rending, I grew up in extreme poverty (several times without running water and electricity in a one room living space) and was without a home for months at a time as a teenager/young adult. We give every month to help others but I often don’t feel I do enough.

  5. This one aches as only truth can…

    A recommendation for the website, though – you may wish to change the font color on your text, as your webpage appears to swallow all text…and while the darkness is wholesome, it does make reading a touch of a trick…

    • Thanks, Chris. I’m not sure what platform you’re reading from, but what I see (and I presume what most are seeing) is white text on black background, which is the default for this template and which I think is pretty clear to read. Maybe the mobile version is different for some reason?

  6. This is a wonderful creation that shows us an incredible awareness by the artist. I’m not sure I understood the word “unthawed” where it was and don’t know if there is another word, but I loved this piece!

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