The grumble of a distant train shakes
me from dreams,
metallic smell
of her crusted veins lingering
in the moist air like a coming threat
of thunder. Fumbling
for the bathroom
light i
find myself
staring at a mirror
turned back to sand,
a shoreline of grainy morning
shadows where
the loneliest word is written

and erased by creeping tides,
traced and non-existed
like the back-and-forth
of a crosshead whose engine
to be off down the tracks,

my breath like her whistle
steaming for what lies
around the next stretch
of coast.

26 thoughts on “journeys

  1. Most of us yearn to make those journeys and sometimes those dreams become reality. The image of the mirror becoming sand again is marvellous.. // Peter.

  2. this has a real nice feel to it…great imagery in the mirror turned back to sand as well…i like…love trains too…a great vehicle fora poem…and heading around that next bend…

    so i will see you friday right? need to send an email for directions or where i am going…

    • Thanks, as always, brian. aren’t we all looking for that next stretch of coast? šŸ™‚

      yes to Friday night– email heading your way shortly. so looking forward to meeting you! (and at the same time nervous that THE brian of OneStop and dVerse fame is coming to grace our little poetry gathering– yikes!) šŸ˜‰

    • That sounds a little bit sad to me, Elizabeth. I saw this on a friend’s page just this morning:

      ‘…He looked across the table to me and smiled. “A person is not old until regrets take the place of dreams,” he said. I smiled too.’

      I hope there are still some untried stretches of coast for you, and, if not, that the tracks you have already traveled have brought you to a place of contentment.

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your kind thoughts.


  3. I have always wanted to just pack a bag, run, jump and ride…

    I feel the wonder and melancholy in your words.. well done!!

    • You mean there is really a place where the train runs by the sea? and here I thought I had just conjured it up… will have to make that West Coast trip one of these days. šŸ™‚

  4. a shoreline of grainy morning
    shadows where
    the loneliest word is written

    Loved this especially but the whole piece transported me – and great interview at Jingle! It’s always wonderful to find other scientist/poets about!

    • Anna, thank you. Glad you enjoyed this, and that you saw the interview over at Jingle. It was really a lot of fun to do but I didn’t think anyone really read it. šŸ™‚ And yes, I think it’s all the science-y flavors to your poetry that draw me most about your own work. Like attracts like, I guess!

  5. Very fine piece. I admire the spareness, the sharp imagery, the imagination. You don’t let elaboration get in between you and the reader. I enjoyed reading kt.

  6. I admire the spare style. This poem displays imagination and compelling imagery. You don’t let unnecessary elaboration get in between your words and the reader. I enjoyed this.

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