capture no.1


(like a)

tin-can shot


both wide-eyed barrels
staring down

wanderlusted glances
through smoke-crusted tomorrownights in

some back-bay bar where

backup guitarist
looks a little like you

and i’m a little
in love

with possibilities, running too
many yellows

before the needle
goes to zero.

22 thoughts on “capture no.1

  1. For an experiment, this works great for me, Joanna. And I’m a pretty fogeyish reader of poetry. “…I’m a little in love with possibilities, running too many yellows before the needle goes to zero,” is an image I can get behind these days. Ergo, this one’s captured me. — J

  2. hot…nice rip in this..i love it when you mash words together too, it sets a pace…and the possibilities in taht back up guitarist may quench the thirst but bet it still wont erase….

  3. Being a little in love is the absolute best stage of the back-bay bar kind…love the way this flirts with images and feelings, light and sure of itself, with a playfulness that comes off well.

  4. ha – this made me smile… you make me see the bar and the people…and feel the possibilities…smiles.. love the words, running into the next like whiskey and bear puddles on the bar… very atmospheric piece…i like

  5. Exhilarating and youthful. It was like stopping back into my first trip to Boston. Backbay bars – full of college students discussing discussing, trying to cure the ills of the world with words from books and riffs from guitars and folk anthems. Oh, there was always poetry in backbay bars – tasted by the likes of Melville, Hawthorne, Thoreau all the way to Tip O’Neill..Paul Revere and John Adams to the Kennedys. The ideas of invention were hammered out there over “pints”. Loved it.

  6. Hands down, you are one of the best female poets out there. this work on so many levels..
    i love the way you have joined words (ex: tomorrownights) for when reading it comes out almost in a you are full of emotion..
    Joanna, your poetry rocks!!

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