brief empirical note on rigid body dynamics

The refraction of one-way windows
into remorseless blue-
puddle pasts full
of breaking
glass and sad Sunday

mornings angles
incidentally with the co-
efficient of sweet f(r)iction that
beads sweat on rivergrass
in December sunlight.

(Their shattering is
a thing beyond
the imperfect forces that pull
bodies & universes

14 thoughts on “brief empirical note on rigid body dynamics

  1. Empirically speaking the forces of the universes DO NOT act imperfectly , but perfectly with astonishing mathematical symmetry and cohesion. As masons we refer to God as the Grand Architect of the Universe. But if we are observants of the universe from non empirical perspectives such as philosophy and theology (like a poet)the forces of nature that pull bodies and universes together are quite imperfect as you suggest in my opinion.

    • gonna get myself in trouble here, i’m afraid, since my physics is a little rusty, but it depends on what you’re calling “perfect.” Friction (like air resistance and other forces which depend on some coefficient particular to the substance) is one of those forces which can take an ideal system from a perfectly elastic interaction to one which is less “ideal.” Empirically. or something like that. 🙂

      certainly, this was meant to be as much philosophical/metaphoric as it was physical.

      thanks, Carl.

  2. an interesting write, so many thoughts flooded me after reading this.. it’s hard to put into words. What seems imperfect is amazingly beautiful, and gladly so. I think that’s how the world is meant to be

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