still, life

the city sleeps wrapped
in gray dawns and dreaming

of snow, a different place
from what it was

this time last month,
last week. we pretend

the rain falls only
for the soft echoes

on bedroom rooftops, and i
am reminded

of how slippery
januaries can be,

their hunger
that seeps

through exhaust-
stained glass and

seeds my fingertips
with a dark need

for some sort of

in warm flesh
or willing words.

21 thoughts on “still, life

  1. You’ve captured the silt that is left by winter after the snow leaves, or the rains recede. You’ve also captured the silt that is left in our hearts for someone to stir up, sweeping clean our emotional winters. Love this, Joanna!

  2. Your poetry is excellent. Also love the photo. Really reminds me of some of the streets here in St. Louis or in surrounding small towns. The ending is perfect, the whole thing is something everyone has felt but you convey it in just the right words.

  3. acceptance in warm flesh of willing words…january is an odd month…between christmas and valentines it is a cold month…and i wish we got some snow instead of the cold rain…smiles.

    • i’m with you on the wishing-for-snow front, brian. *smiles* and you’re right: between the end of the old year and valentine’s can be a long cold stretch…

  4. In far too many cities are “wrapped in gray dawns”. But it has nothing to do with the weather. The gray represents the lack of hope to rise above the current economic conditions that expands the bottom strata of society. And the lack of commitment by the government to stop the strangulation of an unbridled capitalism that is destroying the middle class and preventing people from elevating their economic well being.

    • hey stranger– so glad you came across me again– not least because it reminds me that i need to check you out too. i’m so terrible at keeping up with everyone. and now i’ve no excuse since we’re even friends according to facebook. expect a visit your (virtual) way soon. so great to hear from you!

  5. I like your poems very much. I read the sample poem over at your book website. Also stunning. You have a strong voice and images. I love to read good poems.

    The problem is that I can’t read white words on a black background for more than a few minutes at a time. It bothers my eyes so much….so I am in a bind. I would love to read more of your work (and will likely order your book of poems), but I can’t really read them here on your blog.

    Thanks! twinkly


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