between the rails and the river (keep swimming, girl.)

there’s a sun tangled mid-
winter in the confines
of your eyes, spilling out

over the rocks like sick
solace or liquid
lust & trestled between

either shallow
bank as if it alone
owned the hour-

glass dripping
sand into our shoes
& under our

pretenses but
i’m in love
with silhouettes,

you get lost in
the separation cry of
down-stream currents

and there are still
shadows in this un-
plumbed ever.

13 thoughts on “between the rails and the river (keep swimming, girl.)

  1. This photo is awesome, and your words it’s shadow…. You are very creative…. Thank you for sharing this and your other poetry. I read several of your poems tagged under the moniker “Richmond.” I’m assuming that is Virginia as there are mentions of things and feelings that existed only during the breadth of the American Civil War. I agree that you are indeed a Romantic Sir, as there is perhaps no greater era of unwavering romance, dignified aplomb, no greater poise that has ever been except that within the hearts and minds of those men and women who lived in 1860’s south. It was a time when self became selflessness, and the grief, the loss of a loved brother, son, or husband, became the greatest badge of honor. I enjoy your work very much…….


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