lust poem no.2

she leaves
panties under the
pillow, no

notches on the bed-
post, no clawmarks
across the back

of his-
tory; her story (just)
another scar between the lips

of now & never, her
perfume leftover
in the bathroom

mirror, her shape
imprinted in cotton-
sheeted (im)possibilities.

14 thoughts on “lust poem no.2

  1. missed “lust poem no.1”
    was it the wind up
    or the pitch that escaped me?
    and if I was really there
    would they call me “voyeur”?
    better that I back out
    and tiptoe across the room
    there at the front window
    an unperturbed kitty
    lazily licking
    the fur on her forearms
    her jaws reflexively
    chittering at the sight
    of small birds scampering
    on the front porch

  2. Seemed to ring familiar. Lust is such an open topic of concern that I could hardly have been more surprised to wake up with 6 fingers on each hand! Amazing flow of ideas; one small question; Where does rejection fit into lust. Seeing as the two are hand in hand most of the time (at least in my experience) I found the poem to be very…. hopeful. Seemed to differ from other poems of yours in the conception of people in lust based interaction/relationships. Does that make any sense? Beautiful poem. There is something very evocative & subtle in your work. If I could steal it, I would hahahaha!


    • Dear TA, 🙂

      who said anything about rejection? it’s all tied up in insecurity, which in itself is inextricably wound up with desire in both its frustration and gratification. i like that you found this hopeful. i kept the ending decidedly ambiguous just for the possibility of that interpretation. 🙂



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