off the record

turfed and living on
borrowed time she
has learned
to dance
to silence, sing
with no backup.

the color
in her cheeks isn’t
from cold, reflects
your heat as she
sits & drinks, thinks

this place feels
pink, like stolen
like home; smells
sweet like
lies, like

13 thoughts on “off the record

  1. Like how you used the color, I know that coloring of the cheeks after a few drinks, very similar to the coloring due to blushing, also the final stanza is great. Love how you brought stolen camellias together with home, then comment it smells sweet like lies, like love- i get the indication of a defense mechanism in place, which reacts to the smell first as a lie, then as love. Or a commentary on not judging something at face value. Anyhow, I really enjoy pieces that can have more than one interpretations, and I appreciate that. really nice job here. Thanks

    • thanks for your thoughtful commentary. i also am big on multiple interpretations… i like the idea that a poem can have different truths for different readers. appreciate your stopping by.


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