day-dreaming in stolen words

children chase the shadows
of butterflies round a fountain
of stone; pink
blooms of crepe myrtle drift in
the august breeze to land

teasingly on skin, clothes, hair.
she finds it strange
how every man who has ever said
he loves her has also said
you deserve better;

hikes up her skirt to let
the late afternoon sun
kiss knees, thighs;
wonders. the moon
will be small and orange

tonight, a plaything
for summer’s dying gods.
who will kiss
her noon-shadow,
chase the butterfly wings down

the arch of her back, crown
her summer-glow
like a prom queen in pink crepe,
carry her home when
august has ended?

12 thoughts on “day-dreaming in stolen words

  1. Who would? I would! – if I wasn’t already married and, like, a hundred years old. A wonderful, wistful, erotic piece. I’d say, “I love you, and I’m what you deserve!” 🙂 Mosk (in the time machine)

  2. I start worrying about the light the day after the summer solstice but don’t really feel it til now and usually there’s a storm that distracts you. The last arc of poems I enjoyed regarding Season.

    LOVE this photo, that looks like it was printed in a darkroom rather than digital, Miss you posting on flickr.

    • thanks for dropping by. i am feeling the coming of fall; have sensed the changing of the light and air for a month or more now, which is unusual for me.

      the photo is one i took of a fountain up in church hill park, last fall i think, or maybe 2 years ago now. sometimes i surprise myself with the way they come out…. no pictures of late, and it is slightly breaking my heart. my camera has been struggling for a while and finally died a few weeks ago. 😦


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