reckoning season

summer passes. all its hot-
cropped doubts and match-
struck storms leave
a vacuum where we used to sit
on high-backed stools

and sip on laughter. this is
why i fall in love
though it makes me sad, why
we kiss on street corners
and write poems

about poems. autumn
comes welcome and in-
between, filling the sky
with empty spaces
to tell a story

of matched rails
and sunlight-through-leaves.
today is a good day
for the beginning
of end-

ings, wet-burnt
and rising as they carry us
off in laughter and smoke,
leave us fearless, bare-
footed in rain.

17 thoughts on “reckoning season

  1. smiles….wonderful closure on this ma’am….the beautiful sunlight through leaves…..a good day for the beginning of endings…and laughter and smoke….fearless and barefoot…lots of great images/textures to fill that vacuum…

  2. really nicely done. Great read. Strong throughout but love the ending and the continuation from stanza to stanza, connecting the last and first lines, really nice write. thanks


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