is a dragon
who eats love poems,
chews up their beginnings

and chars my pages
with the white li(n)es
and black letters of regret.

fall has not even
truly fallen, yet we stall out
like gas-starved engines:

sparks that stutter, flame,
consume. will winter find
us hitch-hiking home,

the snow melt sogging
through wet leaves, limp
socks? what can rev up for-

ever, catch us now on fire?
who will teach me, again,
to purr?

17 thoughts on “doubt

  1. nice…some really cool word play joanna….the lies lines….and the dragon eating love poems….the stalled engines starved of gass, is def evocative to me…who will teach us again to purr….nice closure…really like this one joanna…

  2. Excellent poem, my friend, I echo Brian’s sentiments. There is great imagery here, but moreover, there is sadness and longing, which find their way into my soul, under my skin. Thanks, Mosk

    • i think it’s great how everyone sees the dragon/cat disparity, though by the purring i actually wanted to hearken back to the engine… this is what i love about poetry: the many truths it can hold. thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.

  3. really cool lines. Love the carry over from stanza to stanza and transformation from dragon to cat. Very nicely done. Thanks


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