the things we burn

you say we are descended
from giants,
but i

am more impressed
by the tenacity
of acorns,

how they worm
their way into the wet
fall ground. inside

their porcupined-cap heads
they are oaks already, & we
mere children

playing in the dirt, watching
sparks curl round the thread-
bare dark. their every breath

threatens to catch the night on fire,
and my eyelashes are singed
with soot-stained doubting.

these are the things we burn;
with smoke in my hair,
will you love me still?

16 thoughts on “the things we burn

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  2. they are oaks already…smiles…true that….from small to big versus ddescendents of giants….i rather like your philosophy a bit better…plus i like playing in the dirt myself so….smiles…the things we burn…you bring this to a very poignant point with that….and the final question can sometimes be haunting…

  3. I have learned never to burn my bridges and to leave people, places and things on the most positive atmosphere possible despite any negatives. Helps when an old boss suddenly becomes your new boss five years later.

    • much appreciate the sharing! sorry i hadn’t been around to check out your site earlier; life, you know. looking forward to seeing what other cool content you’ll be drawing our attentions to!


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