under construction

like a new notebook or a good clean wind,

summer songs can’t make a dream
exist if it doesn’t want, and

happy poems should not be
items on to-do lists.

he winked at me in fall sunlight
from under his fedora.

[insert standard plot-twist-slash-

even happy poems should
have a little mystery.

or a kiss.

i am, after all, not
an iceberg. but i have been

too long among novelists
& nighttime heartache, and

this isn’t a true story.
is it?

definitely a kiss.
on a streetcorner.

[someone dies here]

13 thoughts on “under construction

  1. I love how you juxtapose the images of the ephemeral (the poem, the love song) with the tangible (the kiss, the streetcorner). No, you are definitely NOT the iceberg- too much warm, pulsating life in your soul for that. Exquisite poem, my friend.

  2. ha, love the creativity in your story telling…your inserts are fun but with a point…and you cant make it happen as you can in a story, you cant plan when or what, it happens and we live within the greater story….

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