mythological trail of heartbeats

she breaks hearts
like she breaks
bread, gnawing &

soft, follows
the trail
of heartbeats

as it grows
more obliquely
spaced, slowing.

she is searching
for a place to rest
among the wreckings;

she is silent,
like an empty
tattoo, like a bruise

on a thigh. she is
chewing up her past,
tearing it in tiny pieces

and swallowing.
it is fibrous,
absolving, like a train

whistle, like you
in bed on saturday
mornings. she

still dreams of snow
and red dresses, of
the stuffed bear

he left when she left:
please don’t go

16 thoughts on “becomings

  1. First to like this! I love the way the poem spills out, bite by bite, the way any good story is revealed, the way we decode the world in our mind’s eyes and follow the path from eh to thee.

  2. nice…this could be song lyrics…moving and the feeling comes across clear…the ganwing of the heart…intense…and the looking for a soft place among the wreckings…yeah i hear you there…that voice int he end as well….tight piece joanna

  3. “she is silent,
    like an empty
    tattoo, like a bruise

    on a thigh. ”

    Loved those images. Lately I can see your poems more than before. I like the concrete images, but what makes this truly fanciful (and artful and fun) is how you take the concrete and tangible images and juxtapose them with more abstract action. You’re superbly talented -no, gifted- and feel lucky to have found you Little Miss Can’t Do Wrong. – with affection and respect, Mosk

  4. Really enjoyed this one, but then again, I always enjoy your word pictures. Intriguing images, convoluted lines, ambiguity and clear messages. I bob up and down from yeah to huh and it’s a lovely ride.

    • your ex, eh? was that who that was? 😉 not sure if i should be happy to have sent you on a trip down memory lane, eric. thanks for your kind words…. and, uh sorry?


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