Remembering Hal and Gail

island sunset with girl

looks younger
in love.

we haven’t been
there much,
lately. i count

feet around
your coronaries,

the hard-ish wrinkles
over my veins.
we need more red,

part-sun days,
thornless. river-

mud between
our toes, not
rose but rust-gold

fingered lenses
through which

all the world
seems wetter and
better for it,

like spring,
like summer
in a mirror

in a cabin
on a side street
by the ocean, yes.

looks younger
in love.

28 thoughts on “Remembering Hal and Gail

  1. this is lovely, still sad, but with a touch of turning a corner, slightly, maybe like a subtle shift of weight on a bicycle or a knee on the steering wheel. I love the colors, the mirror, and the pacing, the lines and triplets

  2. smiles…lovely verse joanna…there is a lot of feeling bubbling just under the surface of it…the looking younger in love contrasted with the focus on the crows feet and wrinkles….ouch….

  3. I love this one, Joanna. I was talking about this general topic last night and couldn’t explain myself, but you’ve nailed it in a poem. Fabulous.

  4. Technique-wise (and consider the ignoramus source), I like the brevity, the economy of each line. Yes, everyone looks younger in love because they’re happy. So how do you explain my weary eyes, the dark circles underneath and the girth flopping over my belt? I’m in love too. I liked this very much, dr poetessa.

  5. Truth well-spoken… er, written. The secret to looking young is to always be in love! The work involved with that–ay yi yi! But I so love when I see it written on the faces of an old couple, you know they had to fight hard to keep it. I want to be them.

  6. Just lovely. I love how you used color, short lines, and the “everyone looks younger in love” to begin it and end it. The way the message of the poem seems to be was fitting with that line of “younger in love” as if to say, “let’s go back to an earlier time” where we were “younger” and “more in love” then now.


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