this morning, the weather is cooler,
and there is threat
of snow again in the midwest.

there are
heart-shaped messages
in my inbox that aren’t
really hearts, just
numerical symbols
that vaguely remind
of my struggles with multi-
variable calculus.

that was a long time ago. this
morning, the cat
won’t let me work.

he sits on my hip
as i type, scrutinizing
every last alphanumeric

there are
fast-moving clouds
of i-don’t know-what
kind; they make his tail
twitch and my eyes

i am thinking
about storms (about you),
about dancing (about me),
about how they ought
to make a good poem

a story of spirals and dervishes,
the solution
to some deceptively
simple equation
that explains the mysteries
of mathematics,
or metaphysics,
or something.

the cat
is a terrible spell-

34 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Awesome!!! I love it!

    I posted that movie on Facebook, it is a 1.5 hour u-tube of the whole movie.


  2. Always trust the cat. My first cat was a white domestic shorthair with one green and one blue eye. Her name was Laurie, and when I used to play the piano and sing, she’d sit between my legs on the piano bench looking up at me, purring. It was only later that I learned that cats with one blue eye were also deaf in the corresponding ear. She was my most faithful fan of mine. Loved this poem, because it flows and is not tethered to this prosaic Earth – even though there were no words I had to look up in a thesaurus. Exquisite, my friend.

  3. Lovely, as usual. I laughed at the cat as anti-Muse. Storms and dancing as solutions to an equation? Ah, yes. Dancing in a storm, dancing up a storm, storm-dancing – I love the images you weave.

  4. I really thought this poem very good. I can’t help saying that I would ask you if you might not think dropping the last two stanzas which draw away from the punch it has. Hell you could even leave the last stanza and just lose the one above it. Hope I didn’t step on any toes. >KB

  5. smiles…darn cat not letting you work…but then again maybe the cat is onto something you know…except the spelling…i could use some help at times…smiles…it is a dervish and i dont know we ever find the solution…surely it will be something simple…dance on…dont just think of it…smiles.

    • yes, the cat does seem to be involved in the poetry more often than not these days, for good or bad. dervish indeed! one can never do enough dancing, you know. smiles. thanks, b.

  6. Love that last line…lol! Perhaps he/she was thinking of eating the calculus….leaving no stone unturned….O, gawd, forgive me! Loved this write :))

  7. The clouds set the mood for this pondering piece. Seems where heart leads, mind follows, unchecked but for cat’s distraction to bring us back to simple reality again. Nice capture.


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