from “notes on physiognomy”

joshua tree in black and white

i hung my heart from the stiff arms of a joshua tree
to dry in the mojave sun.
the veins tightened and cracked,
muscle fibers stiffened and swung
ever so slightly in the rarefied desert air,
paling, and against the blue blue of the sky
it grew beautiful for a moment,
beautiful as all the poetry in the world.

18 thoughts on “from “notes on physiognomy”

  1. oh nice use of the joshua tree…the drying of the heart…
    and then the close..ha…mosk already pointed that out but…yeah

    a week from friday? i will be working then but plan on being there
    wont be early though as i will be pushing it…but maybe hang out
    a bit after this time…

    • thanks, b. Joshua Tree is a pretty amazing place.

      Yeah, gallery a week from tomorrow. It’d be great to see you! And you know we’re usually good to hang out whenever. smiles.

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