observations from a hard plastic chair

every man’s socks look dingier under the fluorescent E-R lights. the nurse
wears false eyelashes on the midnight shift; they ask why i’m here.
her pulled-out tee shows tops of oranged cleavage we pretend to not
see. there is urine under your bed when they roll you away, but not yours.
the stain clashes well with the grey-green tile, just the color of stale love.
the nurse, eyes on the desk now, is talking about another patient.
“suicidal.” “schizophrenic.” i can hear her calling from here.

21 thoughts on “observations from a hard plastic chair

  1. oh my…yeah the ER, esp on a friday night is not the place to be…used to have to be there often for work…and it can be a rather scary…and unsanitary place…

    be good joanna…smiles…

    • Yeah, it can definitely be an alarming place, full of strange juxtapositions and emotions and intimacies.
      “Be good”? I thought you knew me better than that, Brian… *smiles*

  2. no fun place…the ER in the middle of the night…you made me smell it…the urine…ugh… love the details like the false eyelashes…isn’t it weird what details the mind focuses on in such moments…


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