the same lines, again

snow used to mean
like i did.
now we are

a nihilistic white
that falls and falls.
let me be broken,
a little, a fence

to keep you out,
sliding to ruin
amid the night-canals, iron-
frozen and fragile.

the high grass there
whispers shatteredly,
makes me think
of breaking glass.

there is so much
that i would break,
corazon. we fall and fall,
but there is no erasing:

the river stays dark,
and you, distant,
as if there were nothing
to hop, nothing at all.

9 thoughts on “the same lines, again

  1. we got a ton of the white stuff….quite despairing poem….the used to mean something…the breaking, shattering…the corazon/erasing line was a powerful touch to me…lot of emotion in this one friend…stay warm

  2. Wow love it, decided to follow, my blog is Australian done quite a bit on our life here. found your blog by chance enjoyed and decided to follow


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