The Found Poetry Collaboration, featuring: Lydia Allison, Kate Garrett, James Gidding, Joanna Lee

Working with 3 other fabulous poets on a collection of Found poems, one per fortnight, over the next 8 weeks. Here’s the first installment– let me know what you think! 🙂



The Found Poetry Collaboration 2014

For the next 8 weeks poets Lydia Allison, Kate Garrett, James Giddings and Joanna Lee will be writing 1 piece of found poetry per fortnight:

A found poem is created when words in an existing piece of writing are lifted from that writing and rearranged to create a greater emotional response. A found poem is shaped from a collection of words or phrases found in one text or a selection of texts to shape an entirely new poem.  

The poets are free to use any texts they like, and I throw in one found text of my choice per fortnight just to mix it up a bit. For the Week 1 poem I chose a section of text from W.G. Sebald’s The Ring’s Of Saturn (you’ll find the section at the bottom of the post, should you wish to read it). 

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2 thoughts on “The Found Poetry Collaboration, featuring: Lydia Allison, Kate Garrett, James Gidding, Joanna Lee

  1. seriously…what made you choose those as your sources….
    what you came up with is brilliant esp when considered found poetry
    love the stuffed polar bear at the door of the heart…ha…
    quite intense…lots of quotable lines j…

  2. thanks, brian. the rings of saturn text was what i was given to work with in the parameters of the project… the other source, the neuroanatomy atlas, well… so this is a 4-part project; i’ll do 3 more of these over the next month and a half. not to give spoilers, but what i’ve chosen as a personal theme for this project is a series of text/books that represent my journey through medical & grad school, the neuroanatomy being the first. i really like the way this one came out. i may have found my native tongue. smiles.


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