Your heart

full moon





has grown old.
worn down by the lonelinesses
of a hundred empty homes,
sunken in
like fingers
fallen too long asleep
in a hot bath.

how else
do you show me
the moon,
its silky-
ink silhouette
stained on our back door,
and not kiss me?

there is no monitor
that measures
love. tell me: when
was the last time
it leapt?
got a running start
and just

jumped? heedless
of chasm, of canyon,
of distance?
of the finish,
the fear, the flatline?
your pulse
plays its thud-thump

through limp veins,
how to thunder.
if i could see you
the way the lightning
sees, from inside the storm,
i would find it

damp and dark,
with slow rivers
and huddled walls,
a crumpled fist
written with little scars
but untouched, too,
by moonlight.

16 thoughts on “Your heart

    • so many problems we have with one another are, i think, due to a simple difference in perspective. if only we could all see from inside… Thanks for stopping by, Adriana.

  1. And this is what you said when you left him? Good. This world is too beautiful and thick with vibrant flowing technicolor, harmonic beauty and breathless passion to share a blood moon with a bloodless love. Excellent poem, my friend, Mosk

  2. JS, can I include your poem in an ebook anthology of contributors to the FullMoonSocial event? It will be available free on my site as a PDF and epub file, and each poem will include a link back to the author’s site. Let me know! I’m putting the anthology together now and plan on releasing it this weekend as a way to commemorate the event. You can write me directly at It’s going to be somewhere around 30 pages or so. Hope to hear from you!


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