The Volta

It is a little over a mile each way,
dappling sidewalks punctuated
by tree roots and cobbled street pavers;
up to Chimborazo and the old war hospital.
The road ends as it did back then:
at Oakwood– a mile, as i have said, to the gates,
threading a future through the laces
of my worn out running shoes. Touching
fingertips to the stone arch, i turn
& say not today, re-turning to eke
on with whatever of existence
is given in the next twenty-four,
until tomorrow, when i again
run this little-over-a-mile heavy-
footed dream, a Nike pre-swoosh,
arriving late: i have thrown away
more chances yet than i have claimed,
boiled what is left down to this little-
over-a-mile and the gates where,
one Saturday long ago, i saw an owl
in sunlight perched on a granite cross.

4 thoughts on “The Volta

  1. Do you have any meetings scheduled..looking for a poetry group in Richmond area Penelope Some journeys are a lifetime. We leave behind the ones we love To travel over wine dark seas, Following messengers that lead us To long lost countries, old stone walls And men who are giants Among men. Starless sleepless nights we drift Hoping to return To the ones we cherish… To your loom counting years, a stitch, A picture, a memory of me Lost among the ancient ocean. And, oh, these sea witches songs are a yearning To cease; but you call me back Across the days you wait For my arrow, so straight and true, Leading me To the dreamless comfort Of your arms.

    • Hi, Kate,
      Thanks for reaching out. We DO have meetings and events scheduled here in Richmond– would love to have you join us! For a full-ish listing, check the “events&happenings” tab and also under it, the “poetry in shockoe.” There should even be a link on the former to join our email list so you can be continually in the loop. 🙂 Hope to meet you soon! Best,

  2. Owls are magical. Have not seen one this year. Keep returning, maybe he will be there for you.

    So is it as hot in the RVA as it is here in the Burg?


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