July, Richmond


i hold the hurt in the hollow bowl of my hips,
tipping my head to look for shooting stars
amid the fireworks. a too-
wet summer crawls up the newly scrubbed base
of the monument behind us: southern soldiers
un-graffiti-ed before September’s big race.
it doesn’t feel like independence, somehow,
or even reconciliation; more like a love
fizzled out before ever hitting night air.



6 thoughts on “July, Richmond

  1. An interesting aproach to the confederate “issue” – My students have been talking a lot about it, and it is interesting. I saw where confederate monuments in NC were being vandalized as well. I read a book a few years ago by Desmond Tutu on how they worked through the racial issues of apartheid. It had some really good insights in it. There is a lot of stuff still bubbling under the surface even after so many years. Solid last 3 lines in this as well.

  2. Removal was the right thing but I think causing more polarization than sense of community. More and more whites are feeling under siege and react with recalcitrance and disgust. This diverts people from addressing other issues of national concern that need to be addressed by all.


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