because while some truths lend themselves to equations, others are best described in verse

upcoming gigs

I can pretty much always be found at River City Poet-related events around RVA (see Events&Happenings), & almost as frequently, at James River Writer goings-on. For other guest & feature appearances, as well as classes and workshops, please see below. (Events added periodically as they come up.) *Enrollment now open!


JANUARY 12-15: Bridgewater International Poetry Festival
Bridgewater, VA

JANUARY 21, 4:45pm: Presentation of Poe Inspires Contest Awards by the James River Writers & the Poe Museum as part of Poe’s 208th Birthday Bash Celebration
Poe Museum, Richmond, VA

FEBRUARY 4, 10am-4pm: Workshop–Poetry & Healing
Visual Arts Center of Richmond

Disease is an intense and intimate human experience, and poetry is a creative medium that connects us to a wider world. This workshop is intended for those who suffer from chronic illness and those who have been affected by trauma, along with their caregivers, companions, and healthcare providers. Join us as we look at the ways poetry can sublimate suffering into art.

MARCH 29, 7pm: Guest Judge, The Writer’s Den Poetry Slam– Grand Slam
Elegba Folklore Society, 101 E. Broad St., RVA

APRIL 1, 12:45pm: Panelist, Firehouse Theatre’s 2nd Annual Weekend of New Works
Firehouse Theatre, 1609 W. Broad St., RVA

*APRIL 3-APRIL 24: Class–Poetry Performance
Visual Arts Center of Richmond

Learn to bring your words to life. We’ll trace poetry’s evolution from its beginnings as an oral tradition to the spoken word and slam scenes known today, emphasizing the importance of reading and performances for all poets. Through in-class critiques and targeted assignments, we’ll aim to make you more competent and comfortable performing your work, focusing on poise, projection, enunciation, dramatization, pacing, and more.

APRIL 17, 7:30pm: Stage reading of All In, co-written by V.Mark Covington. Details TBA
Firehouse Theatre, 1609 W. Broad St., RVA

*APRIL 22, 9am-3pm: Hanover Book Festival Workshop
Mechanicsville, VA

Will include elements of voice, perspective and presentation. The workshop will focus on image-based writing (ekphrasis). Each participant should bring a single image (photograph, newspaper/magazine photo, illustration… whatever speaks to you). During the workshop, we’ll write from all/each, and examine the different ways individual poets approach the same subject. If time allows, poets will be invited to present their pieces to the group in an informal performance.
Come ready to create & be inspired!

APRIL 22, 3:30-4:30pm: RVA Lit Crawl
Urban Farmhouse, Scott’s Addition, 3015 Norfolk St., Richmond, VA