Warning– This Is Not A Poem…


my first chapbook!


Forthcoming from Finishing Line Press this summer!

Available for pre-order now (ships June 23). Reserve your copy  and you’ll be a part of the book’s future–advance sales help determine press run. Or click here if you’d like to keep up with signings, launch news and other poet-ish shenanigans via my monthly author newsletter. Let’s raise a glass in virtual celebration together!

book site is up!


i’m happy to say i’ve finally had some time to start working on the promotion of the somersaults I did as I fell, my first full-length book.  it now has its own site (also here on wordpress) which you can reach from this post or the page titled “book release” over in the sidebar.  i’m still working on some of the links, but am overall pretty proud of the way it came out; you can read an excerpt or see a gallery of the illustrations, even learn more about the author 😉 …..