present tense

unprogram yester-
day, its yellowed heavy
footprints. reset, re-
the borrowed air
he gave you in fistfuls
until sighing it drips
purified by sleepy gasps
of oblivion.

never was a forever; gold
greened with a patina
of rust-encrusted openings,
tetanus in a tumbler
you needn’t
carry with you
though the weight
pounds systolically
after your shadow
like a one-legged man
left behind
at the bus stop: lub-dub,
lub-dub, crutches
on hot cement, a coronary
noose you’ve
slipped up and over,
to land
on two feet, square.

you needn’t carry it with you,
the whiplashed flagellation of
if only,

up the slopes of
tomorrow’s mornings
and into your first
real today
in years.