because while some truths lend themselves to equations, others are best described in verse

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capture no.2

Don’t hide
behind the language,

& means it:

sculpt your words
into the grumble

of trains
that rail in


beside a silentrunning
river, gray

like black

on a wet page

& verses punc-

with the mourning

as she slows
on the outskirts

of where yesterday
meets tomorrow.

That crossroads
is all there is.

ember & ash

now the city’s once-poets,
rock-chained and rail-thin,
spout river rust
and rain-washed chalk
plans for overtight epics,
back with
dinnertime gigs
and dimestore glories picking the dead
bits off mediocrity-ridden skin,
become suburban and
of cheap tequila
Tuesdays that can’t quite erase
the foregone diagnosis
of cancer where
hurts the
most. hearthfire
wasn’t sacred
before it existed;
where is your

it’s a process

head tipped back and lens out of focus
i sip the last dregs of sunlight
from a summer fast fading,
etching her colors black-inked into tomorrow,
tracing my words into the wet cement of eternity.
my steps quicken to match the fall
of the leaves over old brick in the city’s
East end, my footfalls small
miracles of blurry substance in a brittle

but the words
just won’t flow like
they’re supposed; they start and they
stutter over roots in the sidewalk, getting lost in the
mutter of leaves and passing traffic and sometimes
when the light recalls just perfectly
the way it used to fall
through your bedroom blinds in
September’s late mornings, then
the muscles at the top of my throat
close up and in the sudden rush of air
that i swallow to
push the memories back

down into oblivion, they
vanish altogether,
leaving my shadow to
walk alone through the early October