thunder-and-lightning love

they razor
across a face opaque
as sugared absinthe, her smile-
shanks, swearing nothing
could ever come between them, nothing:

the studded starlight, the straightness
of his spine;
there was a time i would’ve moved
everything; now all
that is left is to move on,

the piles of pills uncut, un-
touched on the kitchen counter, a
caress in their cold aloneness. no
half measures in this meeting; she
reads too fast, so crazy she

mustbe in-love, in-
fatuated (i find
i do not believe youmuch, anymore), un-
characteristically alive; still, she reads
too fast, like cobblestones

coming up to meet you, & there is no
sorry in cement, like our
footsteps that day we walked
the beach in the cold, like
elbows in a coffeeshop

on a streetcorner
where they sit and argue
(will they remember my voice,
when i am dead?)
over what it means to be crazy.