rejection letter

there is alchemy
in my blood; it draws
you like wildfire, indifferently.
my words build the bridges
your absence pulls down;
while i connect the stars like needlepricks
between synapses, mapping
consciousness and constellations
with the electricity of a penstroke,
you sleep pressed tight
against the cottony pillow
of paper dreams.  i am the
metaphysical mistress
to the truths you never knew,
the quiet rejoinder
to all the hopes you ever surrendered.
if one day our tongues meet
across a coffee table or a revolution
don’t speak to me of love poetry:
i prefer your bitter
silence and the offbeat
of brokenhearted arrhythmia.

it’s not personal

cookie-cutter forms melting
with the despair of a middle-
aged sun in an epoch which
exhales both injunction and
exhaustion, the way punc-
tuated with river
weeds and regret,
tragedy filling up the edges.

future perfect, subjunctive

i stand alone on the edge of
disaster and skip
pebbles.  just might have been
thought perhaps
i had a soul

mate, but i
am not who i
used to be, not yet
halfway there

jumping lightly over
the rocks at low tide i
can’t help
thinking that by
tomorrow there might be
nothing left except
ether and flame.