between the rails and the river (keep swimming, girl.)

there’s a sun tangled mid-
winter in the confines
of your eyes, spilling out

over the rocks like sick
solace or liquid
lust & trestled between

either shallow
bank as if it alone
owned the hour-

glass dripping
sand into our shoes
& under our

pretenses but
i’m in love
with silhouettes,

you get lost in
the separation cry of
down-stream currents

and there are still
shadows in this un-
plumbed ever.

solitude of a sun at midnight

awake from dreaming, she
hoards this unbearable
weight, keeps it
hidden between mountains
and the folds of her soul.
she holds the minutes close,
gathers them together like
down feathers or memories
to ease the chill of her skin;
unties the knots,
shaves her legs,
rocks back and forth
on naked haunches
in a room closed off by darkness,
looking for meaning
with her eyes closed.