watching the dawn
drag itself up out of this
utter east from my
hotel window, i
open my eyes to
the truth that though
my skin and soul are
across the world
from the ring of barbed wire
strangling the hollow
inside my chest,
my demons are
no farther

alchemy (unbound, unwinding)

bright words to drive away

dark fear-hours,

shudder, seek

nascent shimmer,

light of almost an ocean



transcendental, transient

rescind elegance and eloquence,

spirited away on crude, wisped wings of bronze

or gold,

can’t tell which

in the glare of common, sullen eyes

sudden sunrise, metaphysical,


plucked from the bowels of this


saturated in haze as murky as shallow.

my fever is not your fever,

still it warms

under this lens gritted with disuse

or too much use,

scorches the dry earth,

renews with flame.

does my bright imagery become you?

or do you still turn away your dark gaze,

fear the reflection?