the somersaults I did as I fell

first full-length book by the author of the Tenth Muse

somersaults front cover

Published by the Richmond, VA-based iColor, somersaults is an 80-page, perfect-bound paperback with black-and-white illustrations also by the author.  The first press run was completed in December of 2008 and released officially in February 2009, and the book is now available for online sale here. You can check out the back cover, an excerpt or even the table of contents from the drop-down menu in the header above.


about the publisher

iColor is a small, (no longer extant) independent publishing company based in Richmond, Virginia.  Since its inception in 2007, iColor has focused primarily on production of a local bimonthly Spanish-language magazine, “Ecos de mi Tierra,” “Echoes from my Land,” and has only recently expanded its repertoire to include book publications.  Unsolicited manuscripts are not being considered at this time.