April 2013 Poetry Challenge

I know a lot of people doing the National Poetry Month Poem-A-Day (PAD) challenge. But I realize my own limitations. A PAD ain’t gonna happen for me. So, as last year, I’m doing a modified April challenge, with a completely acceptable minimum of three poems a week, and I invite you to join me. It goes like this:

Write a minimum of three new poems a week. Yeah, it’s that simple.


Some guidelines:

Branch out. Write at least one in a form you don’t typically use—haiku, sonnet, …whatever you are inspired to dust off and pull out of your poetic toolbox

Branch out. Let at least one poem be of a voice/mood/subject you haven’t covered in a while. I’ve been catching slack for being too blue lately, so I’ll be trying to brighten it up. If you typically write love poems, try a hate poem. Or whatever. You get my drift.

Don’t branch out so much you forget your roots. At least one poem should be all you. Let whatever you need to write have its voice. This is poetry, after all. It shouldn’t be (too) painful.

Note: these poems do not all need to be mutually exclusive. Bring ‘em with you, even if they’re works-in-progress, to critique on Monday nights (dates April 8, April 22, April 29). We’ll finesse & fine-tune to the extent we have time, working toward a final product ready for publication and/or performance. Participants are encouraged to share their work(s) in the open mic at the end of the month (April 26 at taZa Coffee n Creme).

April Monday night schedule of events:

DSCN0198.2April 1— workshop (Joanna)

April 8— critique group: bring 2-3 new poems

April 15—workshop (Kelley/Joanna)

April 22— critique group: bring 2-3 new poems

April 29— critique group/April wrap up: bring 2-3 new poems; open mic feedback



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