it’s a process

head tipped back and lens out of focus
i sip the last dregs of sunlight
from a summer fast fading,
etching her colors black-inked into tomorrow,
tracing my words into the wet cement of eternity.
my steps quicken to match the fall
of the leaves over old brick in the city’s
East end, my footfalls small
miracles of blurry substance in a brittle

but the words
just won’t flow like
they’re supposed; they start and they
stutter over roots in the sidewalk, getting lost in the
mutter of leaves and passing traffic and sometimes
when the light recalls just perfectly
the way it used to fall
through your bedroom blinds in
September’s late mornings, then
the muscles at the top of my throat
close up and in the sudden rush of air
that i swallow to
push the memories back

down into oblivion, they
vanish altogether,
leaving my shadow to
walk alone through the early October

41 thoughts on “it’s a process

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  3. Wow. You’re a damn good poet. I think I am gonna enjoy reading through your archives. Your style fits your imagery so damn well, makes me want to go practice writing until I can match your linguistic jujitsu. Awesome poem.


  4. Dear Joanna… Wonderful start with the sip of sun set… and then walking out without the shadow… i loved reading this one…. Beautiful.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay for a verse everyday about love, longing and life

  5. Arts, Jingle, penelope, Joe: seems everyone likes the ending. i’m partial to it as well. thanks so much, you guys. 🙂

    brian: too true. thanks for dropping by.

    J.– appreciate it.

    Fool: linguistic jujitsu? now you’re making me blush… especially coming from as fine a poet as yourself.

    cheers all

  6. Shashi–thank you so much for your lovely words. I’ll be sure to check out your ‘twitterverse’–sounds very cool.

    pamela, Kimberly: appreciate you dropping in. thanks for your thoughts.

    Luke–Thanks. It’s mid-90’s here in Virginia right now, and I agree: an early October sunset sure does sound nice. Salad tossed back atcha.

    Kristen– I’ve never been to Lincoln Park, sadly, but I imagine it would be something like this, an old neighborhood with lots of character and funky little corner cafes. That’s what Church Hill (the Richmond neighborhood I was drawing inspiration from) feels like. Definitely an autumn type of place.

    alright, i’m out for the evening, off to chase down the last shreds of summer (or run them off, more like)
    peace all,

  7. aww, thanks buttercup; a visit form you is always a pleasure. hugs 🙂

    thoughts, Someone: thanks for your sweet words; glad you enjoyed the piece.

    Kiera, likewise. i had never thought about it that way, giving the words their own consciousness. i like it.


  8. Rätsel, Sender, nimue– feeling overwhelmed by your comments. so glad this found its way to the ears and minds of so many; thanks much for all the positive feedback, y’all. 🙂


  9. annie– you are too kind. you’re welcome around here any time!

    J.– 🙂

    Victoria– I like the phrase “word-painting”; that’s really what we do as poets, yeah? paint pictures, moments, turns of mood or season.. not with brushes but with words… Thanks for stopping by.

    cheers all,

  10. I really identify with the city imagery you use to explain the words & feelings. One of my fav poems in this week’s Jingle rally!

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